Hailing from West London, England, GSV is without a doubt one of the most talented rap artists in the music industry today. Rapper, writer and producer, he is ready to take the world by storm.


The one thing that defines GSV from others is his ambition to succeed at the highest level. His lyrical prowess and savvy shines through when he puts pen to paper, and when his voice hits the microphone you’ll stand up and take notice.


His love with music began at an early age. He grew up listening to the legends in the rap game including Mobb Deep and Big Pun to name a few, while honing his own talents both on the mic and on the boards.


GSV release’s his debut single “Throw Your Hands Up” on 07/07/10 worldwide as a digital download. The self produced track is a club anthem, with a melody you can’t forget and a base line that brings the house down.


“Throw Your Hands Up” is just the beginning, with GSV already working on his sophomore single, the hits will be coming thick and fast.


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